Our Burlap

We provide the best decorative and craft burlap. It is woven from the longest, softest, staple yarn available from the jute fiber.

Burlap has many uses including the manufacturing of drapes, handbags, backing for bulletin boards, crafts, furniture, and wall coverings.

Burlap is a very strong and biodegradable fabric and has evolved to be used in a variety of ways.

Our Burlap provides bright colors, is inexpensive and a material that is easy to manage and drapes nicely for displays and decorating.

Our Burlap is cold water washable, please hang it to dry and do not bleach it.

Can be made flame retardant.

Volume discounts are available.

  • Width: 59 inches
  • Rolls: 50 yards
  • VOLUME PER ROLL: 1.75 CUBIC FEET approximately
  • Minimum order 1 roll/50 yards.

We offer 29 colors of burlap